Graduate studies at Georgia Tech-Europe are within your reach! 

Students are self-funded at the masters level. All students pay lower in-state tuition, and housing costs are lower than in Atlanta. 

Tuition:  All students pay in-state/resident tuition, while studying on the GT-Europe campus, as set by the The Board of Regents of the state of Georgia. Tuition is set each April for the upcoming academic year that begins in the Fall.

AE Masters Program

Complete your degree at the Europe campus, or transfer to the Atlanta campus after two semesters.

All masters program students are self-funded. There are a limited number of fellowships available.

Note: There is increase in tuition for the 2023-24 academic year. The Bursar has not yet posted tuition for the 2023-24 academic year, but it will remain the same as for the previous academic year, as listed below.

2023-24 Estimated Costs - Europe Campus (per semester)

Tuition (9 credit hours) (If taking 12 hours, tuition is $7,032)

Students, in their last semester of studies only, may take as few as 6 hours, at a tuition rate of $3,516 (equal to $586 per semester hour.)

227 Mandatory Student Fees
2,230 Residence Edouard Branly (subject to euro to dollar exchange rate and cost can vary depending on the unit; includes mandatory housing insurance)
2,400 Local expenses-travel, meals, etc. (recommend budgeting $200/week)
125 French Social Security Health Insurance
180 CISI Travel Insurance
452 Visa fees (Campus France, VFS service fees, Consular fees in US, validation of VLS-TS Long stay visa once in France.)
1,600 Airfare (varies by departure city)
$12,488* TOTAL ESTIMATED COST (based on 9 semester credit hours.)
2023-24 Estimated Costs - Atlanta Campus  (per semester)

Tuition (12 credit hours)*  

753 Mandatory Student Fees
100 International Student Fee
4,829 Apartment in the Graduate Living Center 
2,712 Meal Plan (Ex. Meal Pass 200; price per meal: $10.08)

Student Health Insurance Plan (Mandatory) – Fall

                        Spring/Summer rate: $1,629

510 F-1 Student Visa ($160) + SEVIS Fees ($350) **
2,000 Books, Supplies, Miscellaneous Personal Costs
$26,650 TOTAL ESTIMATED COST (based on 12 semester credit hours) Note that total estimated cost for in-state students will be $18,653

* International students must be enrolled full-time (12 semester hours) on the Atlanta campus. Estimated costs are for non-resident students. Tuition in Atlanta will be lower for resident students. Please see the Bursar's page.

** F-1 student visa and SEVIS apply to international students only.

Europe Campus Payments

  • Tuition and fee invoice will be provided the week after course registrations.

  • Payment Due Date: 3 weeks after the first day of classes​.

  • Payment is by bank transfer in Euros.

PhD Program

Please contact Dr. Bertrand Boussert to learn more about the opportunities. Check on the Georgia Tech-CNRS IRL 2958 website for open positions for PhD students and post-docs, and to learn more about research areas.