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Over the next five years, with the support of alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations, Georgia Tech can secure the resources that will help us achieve the most ambitious goals in our history. This campaign will build a foundation for advancing the Institute and its impact — on people’s lives, on the way we work together to create innovative solutions, and on our world — for decades to come.

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Fond de Dotation Georgia Tech-Europe to foster and manage alumni and corporate gifts given in support of academic excellence consistent with the spirit and traditions of the Georgia Institute of Technology. It is the belief of the Fond de Dotation that the tradition of philanthropic giving that has empowered the Georgia Institute of Technology to accomplish things beyond what State funds would have enabled, can also benefit Georgia Tech-Europe.

Who we are

The Georgia Tech-Europe Fond de Dotation is the official fundraising arm of Georgia Tech-Europe. The foundation is a separate, independent non-profit organization, incorporated under French law (Association à but non-lucratif). Gifts made to the Foundation are used according to the donor’s wishes, and are fully tax-deductible.


As an alumnus of Georgia Tech, you have an opportunity to play an important role in the perpetuation of Georgia Tech-Europe’s academic excellence by contributing to the Georgia Tech-Europe Fond de Dotation. Alumni giving reflects pride and confidence in the value of the education you received from Georgia Tech.

Corporate Partners

The Fond de Dotation seeks to establish strong ties with corporate partners, sharing a common interest in developing a technologically competent, global engineering workforce that will meet the technological, economic and societal challenges of the 21st century. Corporate partners will enjoy access to world-class Georgia Tech-Europe students through internships, workshops and seminars at the Europe campus.

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The Unrestricted Fund helps attend to daily and year–to–year operational expenses. Because it is unrestricted, support is used in areas where the need is the greatest.

Georgia Tech-Europe Challenge Fund Fellowship

The Challenge Fund was established to provide fellowships to outstanding students with financial need who might otherwise not be able to participate in the Georgia Tech-Europe program. Georgia Tech alumni are “challenged” to match donations given by Georgia Tech faculty to create this innovative fund.  Learn More

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Sandrine David -
Development Associate, International Development - Europe
Georgia Tech